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Knowing what employees and other key business stakeholders think and feel makes good business sense.
Q4 consulting helps business, marketing and HR leaders understand, develop, implement and quantify the effectiveness of business and HR policies and programmes.
Our approach to research will always be conditioned by the objectives and stakeholder groups to be addressed. This may include executive interviews, focus groups, user panels, control groups and questionnaire techniques.
Q4 consulting’s research tools include bespoke and customisable instruments combining targeted assessments and web enablement to address more common human resource issues:
  • Q4: metrics® is a suite of research tools which increase informed corporate decision-making through research design, testing, facilitation, data collection and analysis of employee perceptions and attitudes in selected areas for examination.


  • employee engagement
  • organisation development
  • attraction & retention
  • employer branding
  • talent management


  • reward strategy
  • benefit changes
  • flexibility
  • perceived value


  • communication effectiveness
  • channels & media
  • communication & management
  • style, attitude & performance



  • take the 'pulse' of the organisation
  • assess change-readiness
  • commission a totally bespoke survey


For more instruments and information, please visit:  www.q4metrics.com

Organisations don’t change. People change them.
Contact Q4 consulting: letstalk@q4consulting.com  or on +44 (0)141 206 3855 to learn more about the power of aligning your people with your business strategy.

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