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Employer Branding

Our Total Employment Relationship Management
(T E R M™)  model provides a systemic and sustainable approach to holistic employer branding and broad organisational effectiveness.

Corporate reputation influences the successful attraction, recruitment and motivation of the talented people required to fulfil brand and marketing promises to customers. That process starts inside the organisation and is wholly conditioned by the employee experience. Employee behaviour affects customers’ experience of your organisation and consequently, its reputation.

Unlike corporate identity and branding which emphasise visual design and media; TERM™ leverages values, systems, policies, procedures, and behaviours to meet objectives through people. This holistic approach to employer branding enables organisations to attract, develop, engage, motivate, and retain key talent. The outcome is increased performance and reputation.

Getting Started

The Q4 Profiler® examines the total employment relationship in twelve dimensions. It will highlight the things you are doing well and areas for attention. To find out more about this and other research instruments, visit www.q4metrics.com

Organisations don’t change. People change them. 
Contact Q4 consulting: letstalk@q4consulting.com or on +44 (0)141 206 3855 to learn more about the power of aligning your people with your business strategy.

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