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Communication Management

Context counts in the global economy. Q4 consulting inspired communication strategies ensure employees understand and commit to business objectives and human resource policies.

Effective communication management is a major facilitator of employee engagement. Working with clients in pursuit of organisational goals, our strategic communication planning and implementation tools help you deliver on:
  • Organisational communication philosophy, strategy and planning
  • Programme implementation
  • Media production
  • Evaluation
  • Communication function design
Getting Started

Our reseach tools and the FIRM ® communication management matrix are ideal start points to build effective organisational and employee communication plans.

See Communique (TM) our communication effectiveness survey at www.q4metrics.com

Organisations don’t change. People change them.
Contact Q4 consulting: letstalk@q4consulting.com  or on +44 (0)141 206 3855 to learn more about the power of aligning your people with your business strategy.

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