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Consulting Services

Q4 consulting advises business leaders and HR professionals on:-
  • Employee engagement
  • Communication management (philosophy, strategy and planning)
  • Leadership communication
  • Employer branding
  • Surveys
  • Communication competence
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Q4 consulting tools and processes.

Working with strategic partners, we can also bring the necessary expertise to a variety of related assignments.
  • Reward design
  • Learning & Development
  • Leadership
  • Performance management
  • HR consulting
  • Media relations
  • Creative & technical writing
  • Media production - design & print, audio-visual, new media & www
Organisations don’t change. People change them.
Contact Q4 consulting: letstalk@q4consulting.com  or on +44 (0)141 206 3855 to learn more about the power of aligning your people with your business strategy.

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