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Q4 consulting was founded by Alan Crozier in 2002 and advises business and HR leaders on employee engagement and communication management issues (see Consulting Services).
Q4 consulting Purpose
Working with clients in pursuit of their business and human resource objectives, we help create:
- understanding through involvement
- engagement through alignment and commitment
- value through employees' performance.

Our aim is to help you ensure that your key stakeholders are aligned with and committed to your aims - in other words - truly engaged.  Organisations with people who are "engaged" out-perform their less engaged conterparts by as much as 65%.

Q4 consulting people
Our colleagues and strategic partners also provide expertise in:
  • Leadership
  • Reward design
  • Performance management
  • HR consulting
  • Media relations
  • Creative & technical writing
  • Media - design & print, audio-visual production & new media 

Contact us at letstalk@q4consulting.com or call us on +44 (0)141 206 3855

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