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Employee engagement, communication management, employer branding, employee surveys

Q4 consulting is an organisational communication consultancy involved in advising businesses on employee engagement, employer branding, communication management, and employee surveys.

Employee Engagement: we have always known that employee engagement drives performance and value.  That was the motivation for setting up the business in 2002. We are also pleased to be represented on the Guru group of the Government's Task Force,
'Engage 4 Success' which endorses that view and that the Government is looking at ways of supporting that philosophy in business.

Over the years we have seen positive business impact from employee engagement and employee engagement surveys for our clients: reduced absenteeism; reduced wastage; increased quality; increased motivation; increased discretionary effort; improvements in customer care; increased profitability; and increased shareholder value.

But don't expect the Government to act; contact us now and we’ll set you on the right road.

Employer Branding: many organisations make the mistake of thinking this is about looking like a great destination for talent. It is more systemic than that: it is about being a great destination for talent. The Employer Brand has to be built from inside the organisation. This means there is a stronger link between your rhetoric and reality and that through the employer brand you can drive your positive reputation. As a prime architect of the employer branding philosophy, we are well placed to help you on this journey.

Employee communication: a robust employee communication philosophy, strategy and plan are essential elements on much of the foregoing. But that has to translate into how you communicate with employees on strategy, performance, reward, and any organisational events which impact on your people. We believe in helping you to construct a solid platform from which all employee communication initiatives can build.

Q4 consulting advises business and HR leaders on employee engagement, communication management, employer branding, research and communication competence. Contact us: +44 (0)141 206 3855


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